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Bali is one of the beautiful islands in Bali, Indonesia. There is a lot of holiday destination and Bali is the right place for relaxing and pampering yourself in the middle of your daily activities. There are some fun activities that you can do in Bali such as cycling, climbing, swimming, surfing, rafting, and many more.

Bali cycling is one of wonderful activities that you can do know more about Bali. You can see other scenery that exists in Bali. You will get a lot of things that is out of your expectation. It is because the real Bali is much more spectacular than the history of Bali in the encyclopedia.

Bali Rafting will offer you a chance to join this exciting water adventure. For you who love to do river water activities, then it is the best choice for you to get a lot of fun experience during your vacation in Bali. Bali rafting is located at two famous rivers in Bali, Ayung River in Ubud and Telagawaja River at Karangasem regency. Both of them offer you spectacular scenery, landscape, and original nature during Bali rafting.

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If you need the accommodation before and after the trek, you can arrange it in Selat or in one of the neighboring villages within a 7-kilometre radius of Selat. The accommodation depends on your budget, so you do not have to worry out of budget. You can choose hotels or home stays. For your reference, most people choose to stay at least one night in the area so that they can rest before and/or after the trek.

If you are confused which one to choose, then Gung Bawa will offer you some packages that you can choose. It is completed by some explanation for each of the package. Gung Bawa will offer you good accommodation that can make you comfortable. It includes transportation from the hotel to the start point and back to the hotel after the trek. After choosing the package, then you do not have to think other things anymore, because Gung Bawa makes everything be ready. Enjoy your route and feel the spectacular experiences in Mount Agung.

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Gung Bawa provides transfer services to help you to reach your destination around Bali. Gung Bawa will serve you a comfortable transfer service around Bali. It will offer you so many comfortable services that you can get during your vacation in Bali.

It consists of comfortable air-conditioning transfer around Bali, transportations, save driver, and good speaking guide.

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Travel Experts

Gung Bawa

Gung Bawa has been a mountain guide since 1996. Excellent track records and has learned about the knowledge of mountain tracks and the safest routes.

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Glan Putra

Glan Putra  is the younger brother of Gung Bawa. Have more than 10 years of valuable experience in the travel industry. Involved to back up Gung Bawa and create reliable product.

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Safety and Services
Since 1996, Gung Bawa has been providing guide service for climbers and trekkers who want to conquer Mount Agung. Gung Bawa has an extensive knowledge of more than 600 safe trekking routes around Mount Agung, as well as a good understanding of their level of difficulty. Therefore, he knows exactly which route is better suited for you, whether you are an inexperienced beginner climber or a more experienced climber looking for a new challenge.
Registered Company
CV. Gung Bawa Trekking is a fully Government registered company and incorporated company under the laws of Indonesia Government.
Competitive Prices
Our pricing is competitive with other bali trekking providers. We offer one of the most competitive prices and give value for money.
Positive Reviews
Gung Bawa has earned great reviews from tourists and climbers from all over the world. He speaks fluent English, is very friendly, wears an unforgettable smile, and has a positive personality, knowing how to deal with people from various ages and backgrounds.
Wealth of Experience
Gung Bawa has much experience guiding groups with small children, sometimes as young as nine, and they all love his direct ability to communicate with kids. Furthermore, Gung Bawa has great knowledge about the history, biology and cultural importance of Mount Agung. Therefore, while climbing or trekking, you will not just enjoy a good trek but also will enjoy his entertaining stories and knowledge. Gung Bawa will always make sure that you are safe, comfortable, happy and satisfied.
Sense of Responsibility
Gung Bawa Trekking is actively involved in the field conservation and cultural diversity.
High Quality Trekking Equipment
All our trekking are outfitted with the highest quality equipment available.

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