Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

  • Destination: Kintamani
  • Duration: 4 hours

Located in a beautiful village of Batur in Kintamani, Mount Batur is another vulcano on Bali that is worshipped by the Balinese. Mount Batur is not as high as Mount Agung and provides a lesser challenge, making it ideal for beginner climbers. With a height of only 1,717 meters above sea level, the peak of Mount Batur offers a wonderful view of the sunrise and the volcanic craters. The Batur vulcano allows a unique experience for its climbers: boiling the breakfast eggs with actual volcanic steam!
Our Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking also offers a short stop in the Jati Temple, and our finishing point is at a reputed coffee plantation area. Here, you can taste the original, famous Bali coffee and herbal tea, as well as Luwak coffee (“the most expensive coffee in the world”). In total, an amazing adventure you will never forget.

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You will be picked up by our air conditioned vehicle at night. The timing will depend on where you are staying: 2 AM in Nusa Dua, 3 AM in Ubud, 2:30 AM elsewhere.
The time you need to reach the summit is about 3 hours. Our itinerary once you arrive at our starting point at Toya Bungkah is:

• 3:15-3:30 AM: arrival time followed by introduction and safety procedure explanations.
• 3:30-3:45 AM: the start of trekking.
• 6:15-6:45 AM: arriving at the summit, witnessing the sunrise and enjoying tea or coffee. We will also boil eggs with volcanic steam for breakfast.
• 7:00-8:00 AM: trekking around volcanic crater before starting our descent.
• 9:00-9:30 AM: arriving at Jati Temple and boarding the bus.
• 9:30 AM-12:00 PM: stopping by at coffee plantation then going back to hotel.


You must wear hiking shoes, jacket and long pants. Please do not bring any unnecessary items, all that you require for the trekking will be provided by us: flashlight, walking cane, drinking water (1.5 liter), breakfast, coffee or tea and the entrance fee to Kintamani area.

Selat Accommodation Single Double
  • Puri Agung Inn
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Sidemen Accommodation Single Double
  • Subak Tebola Villa
  • Sawah Indah Villa
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Kintamani Accomodation Single Double
  • Lakeview Hotel
  • Puri Bening Hayato
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